Kelebihan Solat Dhuha

Kelebihan Solat Dhuha

Friday, 22 August 2014

Most of us made mistake

Fool Mistake


My Brother and sister, they a common mistake made by most of us. Even if we realize it, slowly we forget it.

The common mistake is forgetting a "Hereafter". Most people want to success in Dunya, yeah mostly. but if we asked them again, "will u someday will died ?" definitely they say, " Of course, all of us will died".

Ask again, "what will u bring if u dead". He will reply " ummm, i do not know". If that is the answer we must pity him. If that answer come from u, please seek a doctor of iman. Because u Iman is sick.

My dear Brother and Sister. they will only two thing that we bring when we dead, one is "Iman" and the another is "Amal". Both of this sync with each other. U must have both of it. It can be represented by a car. Iman is the break, and the Amal is the alignment of the car. If the break is damaged, the probability car crash will high, up to 99.9  % . It goes same to the alignment, if it damage, the car will shake.      

U know what is the value of Iman ?. Our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W say,  If a person have a Iman sized of atom, Allah will give him Jannah 10 times the earth and sky. 

Value of Amal ? Our Prophet Muhammad S.A.W say, Perfome 2 raka'a sunnah prayer before the Fajr prayer, is more valuable than with all the contain of this world.

I wrote this for my own benefit, as a tazkirah. Assalamulaikum.

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