Kelebihan Solat Dhuha

Kelebihan Solat Dhuha

Wednesday, 6 August 2014

I learn A Lot !!

I bought 2 book from internet. somebody correct my English please. !! hehe

I'm finish reading the book title "Life through My Eyes 2 From kampung kenang to Kasoa" only one day. I learn a lot. I learn how to motivate my life.

If I want to succeed aim for a Big. Before reaching to the big Goal, accomplish the small first step by step, until u reach it. Do not depend on luck, but try achieve it with u skill and hard effort. Luck may come to you but, u might not know when. Instead of waiting the luck, go get it.. and believe luck may come to you when u doing it right and honest.

This book also teach me and motivate me to think positively. Alhamdulillah already 4 day, i can control my mind to be positive. In other word, my mind become continuously positive !!

Positive mind attract positive thing around u. So always think positive. Thank Hafiz, u inspire me a lot !!

After reading this books, i can finish another book also in just 1 day. I can finish reading 3 book only in 3 day !!. Waw amazing, (im clapping for my self for a reward)

P/s Sorry for my english, im not good in english, but at least im trying to improve it. hehe

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